Things To Know Before Moving To Renton, WA

Is Renton the place that you plan to call home? Perhaps you have lived here before, once upon a long time ago! Then again, you may be a complete newbie to the area and are relocating due to work, family commitments, or some other reason that has prompted a move.

Whatever your personal circumstances happen to be, Renton is a wonderful place to call home. Of course, nowhere is perfect, but when it comes to a location that has more positives than negatives, Renton would definitely fit into the category. In fact, allow us to guide you through the things to know before moving to this Washington location.

Family Life

If you have a family or are planning to start one soon, they are likely the biggest factor that you are taking into account as you plan your move. For little ones, there needs to be fun outdoor areas, good schools, and other parents to hang out with.

For parents of teenagers, safe areas for meeting up with friends tend to come at the top of the list. As we will see later in a little more detail, Renton provides a range of opportunities for families, which is perhaps why so many families have chosen to call it home. If you are new to the area and have a family, you are sure to find that lake Washington becomes one of your new favorite places!

A Beautiful Location, Although A Little Hilly In Places

It's lovely to live in an area that is naturally beautiful. Renton definitely fits this bill. The town has a pretty feel to it and the landscape is certainly one of the highlights for residents.

One small negative point to highlight, however, is that the terrain can be quite hilly in parts. For potential residents who have issues with mobility, it will be crucial to choose an area of town that has flat terrain and does not require uphill walks to get to local shops and so forth.

Well Structured Parks And Neighborhood Walks

The parks in Renton are well structured and provide a safe play area for young children and teens alike. There is a general feeling of safety here and even a local neighborhood walk doesn't come with a fear of being attacked around the next corner.

Homelessness is not a significant issue in the area and neighbors tend to look out for each other, all of which contributes to residents being able to enjoy parks and local walks without unnecessary worry.

Commuting Has Its Good And Bad

Residents can differ on their view of how well Renton is situated from a commuting viewpoint. This is likely dependant on where they plan to commute to. For youths who are looking to move into higher education, they may find that continuing to live in Renton and commute is not a realistic option.

However, for those who need to commute to other significant towns and cities, perhaps for work, such as Seattle, Bellevue, Tukwila, or Auburn, the commute times seem to be reasonable in their expectations. Perhaps this factor is one that will be influenced by your personal view of what a long commute is and what you are traveling for.

You Won't Go Hungry!

Renton definitely likes to deliver on the cuisine front. The dining opportunities here really are nothing short of exceptional and the choice is endless. If you want a spot of fast food, you have plenty to choose from or if you have the desire to enjoy fine dining or an extra special meal with your significant other, you really will be spoiled for choice.

Stunning Walking (Or Running!) Trails

We are all getting more and more aware of how important it is to care for our health and general wellbeing. Daily walks or runs are a great way to keep your body feeling at its best. Renton is home to stunning routes and trails that not only exercise the body but also inspire the mind. A great plus for family life, but also for couples or those who live alone. On a clear day, you can also see the Olympic Mountain Range from here, the sight is nothing short of breath-taking.

Not The Hottest Spot For Nightlife

For those partygoers who love to party until the sun comes up, Renton may be a little bit of a disappointment. Whilst there are certainly places to enjoy an evening drink and meet up with friends, many of these close relatively early. Depending on your situation you may view this as a good point or a bad point! Of course, as Renton develops and grows more, we are sure to see an increase in nightlife opportunities but hopefully, the town will retain its safe and low-key feel on this front.

A Diverse Population

Perhaps one of the best things about Renton is the diverse vibe that exists here. Not only is the population diverse but the general attitude is that of being open-minded and friendly to all. This goes a long way to providing a good educational experience for all students at schools, as well as the opportunity for people to feel safe and welcomed within their community.

Great Climate, Enjoying Four Seasons (Thankfully Not All In One Day!)

Renton boasts a great climate. Winters tend to be mild and summers lovely and warm, without being stifling. Residents here can truly enjoy each season in turn, a real plus for choosing Renton as your new home.

The Bottom Line On Life In Renton

There are so many places on this beautiful planet that we get to call home! Some do not make an ideal location for settling down, others make the ideal spot. We feel it is fair to say that Renton definitely nudges a lot more towards the latter category.

With stunning landscape, a safe friendly vibe, plenty of outdoor activities, and a wonderfully diverse attitude, this is definitely a town that you could settle down in and decide to call home for the rest of your days!

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